Founder & Curator

Coral LuLu

China - Han Nationality

Independent Curator & Artist

Ethnic Minority Artist Residencies


Academic Advisor

Dr. Uradyn E Bulag

UK - Mongolian

Reader, Fellow, Selwyn College

Department of Social Anthropology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, CB2 1TN, UK



Gaofeng Yu

China - Han Nationality

Lecturer & Artist

Design Art Department

Inner Mongolia Bussiness & Trade Vocational College

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, CN


Exhibition Designer

Leo Huang

China - Han Nationality

Graduated from China Academy of Art


Invitational Designer of DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency Program


Co-Curator in 2018

Dr. Uranchimeg Tsultem

Mongolia - Mongolian

Assistant Professor 

Edgar and Dorothy Fehnel Chair in International Studies

Herron School of Art + Design 

Indiana University-Indianapolis


Academic Advisor

Dr. Mai Mang| Yibing Huang

US - Tujia

Associate Professor of Chinese​

Curator of the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection, Connecticut College

New London, CT, US



Wan Shu

China - Han Nationality

Independent Photographer


Exhibition Assistant

Flora Qin

China - Han Nationality

Graduated from Soochow University

Currently work at Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals Limited as a recruiting manager


Co-Curator in 2017

Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai 

Mongolia - Mongolian

Independent Curator & Artist

Mongolian Contemporary Art Center

Founder of Blue Sun Art Group

Klinton Burgio-Ericson-portrait.jpg

Academic Advisor

Dr. Klinton Burgio Ericson

US - Swedish and Czech

Postdoctoral Fellow

Museum Studies and Anthropology

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM, US


Trainee - photographer

LuoLuo (Shuya LU)

China - Hui Minority

New Media Art and Design College

Beihang University

Beijing, CN

Lian Duan.jpg

Exhibition Assistant

Lian Duan

Canada - Han Nationality

Graduated from Concordia University

Project Director of DongDong & LuLu Artist Residency Program